Tooth – wellness

Mouth hygiene and prophylaxe.

Our professional tooth-wellness contains first a professional tooth cleaning, tartar, pigment and discoloration removal with piezo-electric depural equipment. The next step is the air abrasion. Air abrasion system uses powerful particles of aluminum oxide te remove debris and decay. The air abrasion is painless and doesn’t require an anesthetic. The third step is polishing with a fine polishing material.

After it we give you prophylactic medical advises: how to care your teeth, your bridge or denture, fluoride facts, rinses, and prevention tips also for children.

Ask your questions about the brushing, nutrition, tooth sensitivity, halithosis, denture care, mercury detoxication, bruxism, and we give you the answers.

The relation with the heart diseases, the oral cancers, oral health of seniors are acut problemes – we can give you good medical advises.