Tooth whitening

Home-based bleaching:

After a dental examination and tartar removal using Opalescence Tréswhite Supreme system ( USA) is the easiest way to become whiter teeth. With a pair of preformed plastic whitening stent you can make the whitening procedure at home, for 30-60 minutes once a day over 10 days.

Surgery-based whitening:

This process happens at the dental surgery and is a little bit expensiver. Because the materials used are higher concentrated, the dentist must carefully isolate the teeth from the soft tissues of the mouth. The witening agent is then applied repeatedly the teeth until the desired shade change is attained. The process generally takes 3×1 hour.

/In both the process a short sensitivity may be experienced. Altough slightly unpleasant, this is a transitory phenomenon. You will told how to manage and minimize this discomfort/